The Tuktuk-Conversation

Driver: MADAME, MADAME!!! Tuktuk???

Tourist: Yes, yes, to Hotel “Kandy Inn”. Do you know where it is?


Driver: Yes, yes Madam. Come in!

Tourist: How much?

Driver: 400rs!

Tourist: HAHAHA. That’s far too much. I always pay 200!

Driver: No possible! Very far way! Other end of town you know. Ok, 350 last price!

Tourist: No, it’s just around the corner. 200 last price!

Driver: Ok, 300.

Tourist: No, too much.


Tourist walks away.


Driver: OKOKOKOK!!!! WAIT; MADAME!!!!!Ok, 250, okok very good price, special for you!

Tourist: Ok.


Tourist inside, driver takes off. BEEPBEEP, HORNHORN….


Driver: Where from Madame?

Tourist: Germany

Driver: Good country!!! Good football! Which hotel again Madame?

Tourist: Kandy-Inn

Driver: Ohhhhh, no good. Very bad place. No good food, very expensive. I know  better place. I show you! Show free! No charge!

Tourist: Where is it?

Driver: only 5min Madame!


20 minutes later, still driving, BEEPBEEP!!!

40 minutes later, still driving, Tourist very upset and impatient.

120 minutes later. Tourist in Kandy Inn. Knocked out.


Driver: Tomorrow tour? Elephants, temple, waterfalls? I know many places, special price for you!!! Because we are friends now!!! You can recommend me on tripadvisor!